The 36th committee F.O.R.T. ‘Pie Debye’


Irmak Uzun: "Sour beer is the antidote to thirst."
Roughly 21 years ago, a girl was born in a land that was relatively far away from the Netherlands, in a city called Izmir. She was very lucky that the big city she was born in was on the seaside and it was one of the most beautiful places in the world (totally not subjective). When she was 14, she decided to go on an adventure and left her precious home and lovely city for an amazing high school experience in Istanbul, quite the chaotic place. After almost 4 years there, she realized that a big city on that caliber was not for her. As a result, when she wanted to go even farther for her education and leave Turkey, she ended up deciding to come to Eindhoven, and she never regretted that decision since then. During her intro week, she learned about the F.O.R.T. and she was fascinated. So much that the same evening, she called her friends in Turkey to tell them that their department had its own bar on campus! As someone who only drank the same three beers before coming to the Netherlands, all these new things about different styles of beers and having bars on campus impressed her so much. Actually, she was impressed enough to think to herself that if opportunity ever came up, she definitely would want to be a part of this lovely bar, one way or another. Soon after, she did come across that chance during her second year, and she didn’t hesitate to take it. This was the short story of how she became the chairman of the 36th committee F.O.R.T. ‘Pie Debye’.

Stock Manager

Ruud Bonte: "The glass is only half full when it’s filled with beer"
Roughly 20 years ago, as a real mother’s day present a boy was born. He spent the first 18 years of his life in a beautiful village called Koewacht, luckily on the good side of the border. Although life was good in between cows and meadows travelling for 6 hours every day was a bit too much of a good. So he decided to move to the wonderful city of Eindhoven for study right away. During a walk along day he already discovered the most beautiful bar of the entire universe and he was sold right away. Although the F.O.R.T. was closed sometimes due to the virus, he still got to enjoy the lovely beers and activities that the F.O.R.T. had to offer. Especially because he never had a craft beer before he got a lot of new experiences. After two years as an active member and all those new experiences in this lovely bar he decided that he wanted to be a part of the F.O.R.T.. So he became the Stock Manager of the 36th committee F.O.R.T. ‘Pie Debye’ to learn even more about the beers of the F.O.R.T..