The 31st committee F.O.R.T. ‘Pie Debye’


Roy Wink: "Only the best of both east and west"
About 19 years ago, in a wonderfull city called Dordrecht, a very loud boy was born. After entering the F.O.R.T. for the first time during the introduction week, he knew he was in a magical place. It was very soon when he realised that traveling up and down to the other side of the country wasn’t very convenient, since this meant that participating in activities or late drinks was not really possible. For that reason, he decided to move to Eindhoven. The F.O.R.T. was always the place with a lot of friends and gezelligheid for him. When, at the end of his second year of studying, the chance came to do something back for the F.O.R.T., he grabbed that chance and became the chairman of the 31st committee.


Huub van den Bogaard: "The time drinks"
He was born in a tiny village between the two great rivers, the Maas and the Waal. And although the rivers and the fields of his hometown are quite pleasant, it has proved to be a bit dull. This was the very reason for a new adventure, a new place: Eindhoven. The taste of good beer was not unfamiliar to him, that is why the way to the F.O.R.T. was not hard to find. Before he knew it the Thursday drinks went from an occasional afternoon to an regular thing. And all of the sudden he was a committee member! Time sure flies, especially in a bar as fun and wonderful as the F.O.R.T. A shortage of time is not necessarily a bad thing but it sure is a reason to make the best of it. One should not always be occupied with studying. Some relaxation is essential for the sort but wonderful duration of one’s student life. And that is what he hopes to offer: a moment of piece in the busy day-to-day life. From now on Huub is going to take care of the finances of this bar. It going to be a crowded, but very fun year. And it will be over in the wink of an eye. Because after all, ‘De Tijd Drinkt’, and so will we.

Stock Manager

Luuk Stemkens: "Back to Black"
Born in the city of light to move to the world of freshmenweekends except for his own Called Someren. From there migratory to the Tu/e, walking into the F.O.R.T. without knowing the taste of liquid gold. But from that point on he can’t keep his hands from it. After a year with mostly Corsendonk Agnus in his glass he moved on to other beers in the amazing assortment of the F.O.R.T.

Coordinator of Activities

Yannick Adelaar: "Hey a drunken Adelaar"
After being born in Utrecht and lived in Nieuwegein for 18 years, this young man moved to Eindhoven. In the introduction week he came into the F.O.R.T. and he was immediately jealous of the people who were running this place. After 2 years of studying, he was lucky to get in the same place. With the intension to break with the traditions, as a Coordinator of Activities he wants to organize some new great activities in the F.O.R.T. this year.