The 35th committee F.O.R.T. ‘Pie Debye’


Casper Vermeulen: "Let the red wine flow!"
Somewhere 20 years ago a small child was born in the beautiful Alphen aan den Rijn, until his parents decided to move a whole lot south to the city Hulst. Luckily he stayed in the Netherlands and has never lived in Belgium (unlike what some people will tell you). Here he lived happily until at 18 years old he decided to move to the lovely and ‘gezellige’ Eindhoven. He was instantly in love with the city and the people and yet was not able to see them enough due to the infamous Covid-19. When he had the opportunity to finally step foot in the F.O.R.T. his love for the place immediately started to flourish. This was a place that he could see himself one day being a part of, more he had to be a part of it. He never missed out on Thursday drinks and wanted to enjoy the F.O.R.T. to the fullest with his friends. He could not wait until he became a Drafter and when the opportunity arose in his second year to join the F.O.R.T., he had to take it. Now together with his three amazing, already life-long friends he is Chairman of the VIIth lustrum committee F.O.R.T. ‘Pie Debye’. This adventure is well on its way and he cannot wait to see what fun the future brings!


Sanne Litjens: "Schuppenboer?"
Around 20 years ago, a girl was born ‘boven de rivieren’ in the beautiful city of Utrecht. Because most of her family lived in Brabant, she was there very often. During these visits, she became more and more convinced that she should move to Brabant herself. It is not a surprise that she ended up studying in Eindhoven. After one year in Eindhoven, plagued by a virus that must not be named, she first entered the magical bar, the F.O.R.T. Seeing what she missed in her first year, she was dedicated to spend every Thursday in the F.O.R.T. These Thursday drinks were not enough for her to catch up with everything she missed in her first year, so she decided to become treasurer of the most amazing bar.


Marten Kuijken: "A glass is never empty, as it’s always refillable"
A seemingly short 20 years ago, a big boy was born in a city far far away, Brussels. From a young age (16 of course), he started enjoying the multiple craft beers that Belgium had to offer. After spending many night drink... eh, studying, he decided to move to the Netherlands to find a place to study. After almost choosing Delft, he recognized the beautiful student culture that Noord-Brabant had to offer, and decided to come to Eindhoven. Sadly, due to that nasty virus, it took some time to finally continue his ‘study’ habits. However, once the virus was gone, a few friends invited him to the F.O.R.T., and once he walked in, he could not believe his eyes. Beautiful stocked fridges filled with more than 73 types of craft beers. Getting to know what the F.O.R.T. had to offer, and this being right up his alley, he subscribed to almost every Thursday drink they had (yes, you had to subscribe back in the days), and continued his habits. After getting to know a lot of crazy beers compared to the typical Belgian Trappist beers, he decided that he wanted to become the Stock manager of the VIIth lustrum committee F.O.R.T. ‘Pie Debye’ to make sure everyone can fill their stomachs with those nice and cold bottled (or canned) presents.

Coordinator of Activities

Jochem van Ierssel: "Hurry slowly"
Not too long ago and also in a not so hurried fashion, a small boy came to earth in the city of Woerden. However it was already quite clear that a city was not really the right place for this boy. Therefore he moved to a small village called Meteren (or Zuid-Geldermalsen as some people like to call it, but be prepared for an angry response if you mention this to him). After spending his childhood there it was time to look for a place to study. This proved to be not too difficult since as a fanatic PSV fan, it is of course almost mandatory to go and study in Eindhoven. Once he arrived here in Eindhoven he unfortunately had to delay his first real F.O.R.T. visit, because of some random virus, which name he wants to forget. One thing he for sure doesn't forget however, is his first Thursday drink in the F.O.R.T., which of course was accompanied by drinking a Wodan (which should be mandatory for everyone who enters the F.O.R.T. for the first time). After his first Thursday drink he barely missed any other drinks and that's why he decided to become Coordinator of Activities of the VIIth lustrum committee F.O.R.T. 'Pie Debye'. So he can provide others with a lot of memorable activities and drinks :)