Drinks and COVID-19


Dear Visitor,

we are delighted to reopen the F.O.R.T! Due to the current circumstances drinks will be heavily adjusted. Please find all relevant information below.

Hope to see you soon,

32nd committee F.O.R.T. ‘Pie Debye’,
Candidates for the 33rd committee F.O.R.T. ‘Pie Debye’

If you or a member of your household has had symptoms related to COVID-19 less than two weeks before a drink we cannot serve you.

Date and Time 

Drinks will take place each Thursday, the drink will now start at 16:00 hr and end at 19:00 hr.

There will now be maximum of 43 people at each drink, instead of the 23 people that were allowed before. Additionally you are now able to subscribe with a group. To subscribe you can send an e-mail to: fort@tue.nl between Monday 9:00 hr and Wednesday 18:00 hr the week of the drink. It is not possible to already book a reservation for drinks further in the future. In case of oversubscription a draw will take place. If you attend a drink you will be in a lower drawing category next week to ensure everyone a fair chance to attend.

for the draw we will use the following categories:

    1. Draw category A:
      a) The organizing party.
      b) One or more persons, appointed by the organizing party in consultation with the board, because they have made a special effort to facilitate the drink;
    2. Draw category B:
      All students and employees of the department of Chemical Engineering & Chemistry who fall within the target group of the drink, this for assessment to the organizing party in consultation with the board.
    3. Draw category C:
      All students and employees of the department of Chemical Engineering & Chemistry who have already attended a drink.

The draw procedure is as follows:

    1.  Subscribers will be assigned to the appropriate draw category.
    2. Each name is provided with its own number;
    3. First the numbers are drawn belonging to the persons from the lowest draw category, where the order of drawing is inversely proportional to the placement on the reserve list. If there are still too many subscribers, this procedure is repeated with the next draw category. Numbers are drawn until the number of remaining subscribers equals the maximum number of participants. The remaining subscribers automatically become participants;
    4. The draw is done by a member of the organization and a board member. If you want to be present during the draw please notify us in your subscription mail

Please sign in with the committee upon arrival. You will be asked to disinfect your hands. We will also ask you to upgrade your F.O.R.T. card if your account is below €10,00. After that you have to sit at one of the tables. Please note that you are only allowed to attend the drink if there is no indication of sickness.

During the drink
During the drink there needs to be 1.5 meters distance between each guest at all times. To ensure this  the yellow picknick benches on campus and the cantus benches of Japie will be set up in a specific order. Each guest will be placed on a corner of such a table. It is strongly forbidden to move or displace the tables. You are now allowed to get your own drinks at the bar, but you will need to follow the walking route set up on the ground and keep distance in the line.

After the drink
If you want to leave the drink you need to sign out with the committee before you can leave. At the end of the drink the committee will assign tables to leave one by one for safety.

To ensure the hygiene of all attendees, disinfecting gel and disposable paper towels will be placed at the central sign in/out point and on each table. If you want to move between tables or leave the drink you will have to clean your spot first.

Only disposable plastic cups will be used to serve out drinks. Furthermore we will not be able to have our full assortment, but we will have a selection of craft beers, as well as Pils on draft and sodas.

There are several locations where the drink can be held. These locations are assigned centrally by the TU/e before each activity, we will therefore send the precise location for the drink in the participants mail. Additionally to the location we will also send a floorplan for the drink.

To be able to organise the drink all rules need to be followed. If you refuse to cooperate, a committee member is allowed to send you away from the drink.